Wilkinson Boulevard is full of opportunities for improvement.


The Build a Better Boulevard Project is a study designed to re-envision a Wilkinson Boulevard that enhances placemaking opportunities, economic development potential and the commuting experience for the citizens of Belmont, Cramerton and McAdenville, North Carolina.  The Project is being undertaken in partnership with the Gaston-Cleveland-Lincoln MPO.  

The project is focused on physical improvements to the character and function of the segment of the Wilkinson Boulevard corridor running from the Catawba River to the Wesleyan Drive/Market Street intersection just to the west of the South Fork River.  The study will identify street design improvements and strategies based on:

1. The local context and user needs of the Boulevard and adjoining property owners, and

2. The regional context and function of the Boulevard within Gaston County and metropolitan Charlotte.  

Recommendations on existing zoning and land use will also be made to inform and support the suggested improvements and strategies. 


Existing Conditions of Wilkinson Boulevard:

Panorama photographs taken at various points along the Wilkinson Boulevard corridor between Belmont and Cramerton/McAdenville:


Photos taken at various points along the Wilkinson Boulevard corridor as well as comparative shots of downtown Belmont, Cramerton and McAdenville: